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104068-02 Ignition Control Assembly for Reddy Heater replaces 104040-01 This New Original Equipment Manufacturer Ignition Control Assembly part number 104068-02 is was made for DESA International also known as All-Pro, Reddy Heater, Remington, Master Heater and Universal. The 104068-02 Ignition Control Assembly we are offering is the original equipment replacement part for the specific heaters listed and should be used according to the instructions. This kit contains the following items in the 102548-02 Ignition Control Assembly 1 of part number 104040-01 Ignition Control Assembly Board with fuse. 1 of part number 104071-02 Ignition Control replacement instructions. The specific listed Ignition Control should always be used as the replacement part. Electrical parts that have been opened are not returnable or refundable. The 104068-02 Ignition Control fits the following Reddy Heater models: R35D, R35E, R40, R40T, R50BT, R55A, R55B, R55BT, R60, R60A, RM60, R70DT, R70ET, R70D, R110C, R110B, R110BT, R115, R115C, R115DT, R115T, RM115, RH125T, RH125AT, RHD125T, RL125T, RE125T, R155B, R155C, R155D, RM155, R165A, R165AT, R165CT, R165DT, RH170T, RH170AT, RHD170T, RE170T, RL170T, R200A, R200BT, RM200AT, RE200T, RHD200T… The 104068-02 Ignition Control fits the following Master Heater models: B70D, B70DT, B70ET, B110B, B100BT, B115, B115DT, M125T, M125AT, B150J, B150JT, B155T, B155CT, B155DT, B165A, B165CT, B165DT, M170T, M170AT, M200T, M200AT, B165AT, B200AT, B200BT… The 104068-02 Ignition Control fits the following Universal Heater models: UK55, UK70T, UK115T, UK165T… The 104068-02 Ignition Control fits the following All-Pro Heater models: PK55, PK60, PK70T, PK110, PK115T, PK165T… The 104068-02 Ignition Control fits the following Remington Heater models: REM35B, REM35C, REM40, REM50C, REM55A, REM55B, REM60, REM110B, REM110BT, REM115, REM115T, REM150E, REM155B, REM200AT… No returned will be accepted on this parts after the package has been opened.


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